Full Stack

Algorithmics, Trader, Cryptocurrencies, Webmaster, Web Developer. [Only for my eyes].

WiseChaosCrypto: Algorithms

Algorithms trading based on Chaos. But what do I tell you to do? [Whitch laguages is the best? I know the answare, but tell me way I have to spoiler this?].

Web Sites

Wordpress, WooCommerce, Magento. HTML5, CSS, Javascript, PHP. [I'm sorry...Only for my wife]

Web Servers

Linux Debian 10: Nginx, Nodejs, React, SQLite. Python3. [Only for me. New way].

Windows Sever 2012: terminal client Metatrader4. MQL4 Algorithms. [Only for me. Old style].

Linux Debian 10: LAMP (Linux Apache, MariaDB, PHP). [My wife server].